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The Persepolitans around town

If you look up, you may see the Persepolitans ringing in the Persian new year.

For years I have been approached by businesses and acquaintances to let the Persepolitans loose on the world. For years, I have resisted. And then I read Shonda Rimes' "Year of YES", and I thought to myself. YES! Why not. I wasn't going to take them to the grave with me. What is the point of me keeping years and years of art hidden away from the world. What was I afraid of? What was the point of waking up at the crack of dawn and drawing every single day, if nobody was going to see the work.

I wasn't drawing for anyone. I was doing it for me. But every time someone saw my sketchbooks, they questioned my intentions - and every time I tried to answer them, I hear myself sounding more and more eccentric.

So, I began 2021 with the clear and resounding intention of saying YES to everything. Wow. That sounds so pretentious now that I have put it down on paper. But I did it. Thanks to the support of some good friends, I sold paintings, designed jewellery, and gave some Persepolitan designs away. And you know what. It felt good.

So I invite you to join me on my journey this year. Reach out, and let's collaborate. No project will be too small. Let's make this, our year of saying YES!

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