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The Qajars are coming

So the COVID lockdowns continue. It looks like they are going the continue for the foreseeable future, so the best way to keep my sanity is to create and challenge myself with new ideas.

I have been filling up journals and trying to take the Persepolitans to the next century. So now, I am working on the Qajars. The women are easier to create, as their appearance and attire were very unique and distinct. The men, this time, will fall in the background - about bloody time (haha!!).

Of course, the adventures I will put them in will be another challenge. I was thinking of putting them in modern scenarios, but then the idea of them having modern day issues in their time seems exciting too.

Anyway, keep checking here to see their journey.

If you have any suggestions or collaboration ideas, feel free to message me here. I am happy to consider them in my "year of YES". (Thank you Shonda Rhimes)

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